Posted: June 10th, 2013

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Womens “Bingo Wing” surgery soars as influenced by celebrities

Summer may have finally arrived, bringing sleeveless dresses and tops, which unfortunately brings terror to some women who fear revealing their arms.  Short sleeved clothing hits the shops in a big way for this season, but many women dread the fact that the world will see their less-than-toned arms.

The latest statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) show that arm lifts in women have soared more than 4,000 per cent in the last decade!  Unsurprisingly, plastic surgery to reshape the upper arm (Brachioplasty) is soaring in popularity.

The report states that the trend is fuelled, partially by celebrities with “pefrect arms” such as Michelle Obama, Jennifer Anniston, Demi Moore and red carpet celebs, modelling sleeveless fashions.

In 2000, more than 300 women had upper arm lift procedures in America. Last year, more than 15,000 did.  To date, UK Brachioplasty procedures are still relatively unpopular, however experts predict that in the future, this type of operation will be on the increase.


Reasons for surgery

You may have been left with lose and saggy skin to the arms due to weight loss or the ageing process.  Often diet and a healthy lifestyle incorporating exercise may not be enough to address the skin laxity causing “bingo wings” resulting in excess skin hanging down when the arms are held out.  This can be embarrassing and may affect levels of self-confidence, causing desired clothing to be avoided and long sleeved tops to be worn throughout the year, in order to conceal the arms.


The operation

The Armlift operation involves the removal of excess and loose skin from the arms using incisions, which are sometimes made from the armpit down to the elbow.  The excess skin is separated from the muscle and fat, before being stretched and stitched back together, aiming to produce slimmer, smoother upper arms resulting in a more youthful appearance.   It is important to understand that there will be significant scarring from the Armlift procedure and some liposuction may be performed, to obtain a more desirable surgical outcome.  Many patients who opt to undergo arm reduction surgery feel that the visible scarring which is left, outweighs the embarrassment of the loose and flabby skin prior to having the procedure.

The arms will feel swollen and tight for approximately 2-3 weeks, and the length of the scars will vary depending on the amount of skin which has been removed.  You will be advised to rest for 2-4 weeks and avoid strenuous exercise for approximately 6 weeks after surgery.

Further benefits, risks and your expectations will be discussed and explained during your consultation with a fully UK registered Consultant Plastic Surgeon.


For further information of this procedure, please call Melissa for advice on: 07793 738456

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