Posted: June 24th, 2013

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Revision Breast Enlargement (Augmentation) Surgery in Merseyside, Cheshire and Lancashire

In the UK, breast augmentation surgery is normally an extremely successful procedure, and is indeed the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery operation.  Unfortunately in some instances, revisional surgical intervention is required, the chances of which should be fully explained during your initial consult with your cosmetic surgeon, prior to any surgery.

  • Replacement of implant 

The average life span of an implant is 10-12 years, however some women will have their implants in place for longer, with no problems.  It is advised that a follow up consultation should be undertaken at approximately 10 years after surgery, even if there appear to be no visible signs, as the implant may start to harden.


  •  Rupture of implant

In mot cases with reputable implants, they will be manufacturer will provide a replacement implant which is free of charge, however the fees to the surgeon and hospital normally require further payment for any revision.  This should be clearly explained during your initial consultation prior to surgery.


  •  Capsular contracture

This is a hard covering around the implant, which forms in the body as a result of having an implant (ie: foreign body) inserted.  This condition may affect up to 6% of patients who undergo breast enlargement surgery within the first few years after having the procedure.  This is by no means caused by inferior surgery and cannot be anticipated by the cosmetic surgeon, as unfortunately this is a natural occurrence which happens to a small amount of people.



  •  PIP implants

PIP implants were manufactured by a french company which has now gone into liquidation, and which revealed that their implants were made from a silicone gel equating to an elevated rupture rate, and which was also a non approved gel product.  The advice from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons is to have a scan to indicate whether there is any rupturing or weakening of the implant, and if so have them removed and/or replaced.


What does corrective breast surgery involve?


Any surgery to revise breast implants is slightly more complex than the original surgery, however with a cosmetic surgeon who has a special clinical interest in breast surgery, there are several procedures which can be undertaken to address different issues.  For example, the pocket which forms around the implant may require cleaning prior to any new implant being inserted, or before an implant is removed and the pocket is sealed.

Capsular contracture can be an intricate condition to rectify and therefore it is extremely important to select a Plastic Surgeon who has vast experience with breast surgery.

If the implant has transferred down the breast, additional work to the pocket surrounding the  implant is required, in order to elevate the breast fold and the implant to a higher location.  Additionally any excess breast skin requires removing during the procedure.


At Liverpool Cosmetic Clinic in Merseyside, we provide BAAPS fully registered Plastic Surgeons to undertake breast enlargement surgeries, breast augmentation revision, breast reduction surgery and breast reconstruction.


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