Posted: June 25th, 2013

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PIP breast implant removal – new information

An announcement made by Sweden this month, as per the new evidence, is that all PIP implants in their country should be removed as a safety measure.  The UK organisaton BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) voiced its own view for similar tests to take place in the UK as a matter of urgency. The BAAPS is the only organisation located at the Royal College of Surgeons which is solely devoted to cosmetic surgery.  The BAAPS also represents many of NHS plastic surgeons in private practice and welcomes the findings of the evidence in line with focusing some of the unexplained symptoms, which patients had previously encountered.


The document from the Swedish Medical Products Agency states: “The examination of a number of removed PIP implants with large ruptures shows that the silicone gel within the coating has changed its character”.  The new recommendations from the Swedish Medical Products Agency and the National Board of Health and Welfare are based on analysis of removed products rather than new ones, therefore providing a more accurate finding of the properties of the implants.


According to consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS President Rajiv Grover;

“At the BAAPS we have long been warning that a major loophole in safety regarding these defective implants relates to the lack of ‘in vivo’ testing of PIPs (that is, analysis performed on those that have been removed from the human body). The Swedish findings, which have been undertaken in this manner, show that when inside the body the silicone alters in such a way that doesn’t ‘stick together’ as well, allowing it to disperse more easily.


“It is known that there is a subgroup of PIP implants in which the concentration of an irritant compound (known as D4) is higher than in others, but there is no way of knowing which ones are affected. This is why the Swedish government has made the decision to remove all PIPs as a preventative measure.


“The combination of higher concentrations of D4 and the changes in the silicone which happen when the implant is within the body, finally explain the issues that surgeons and patients have been seeing and experiencing around the country. We urge the Government, who we know have collected in vivo specimens, to perform similar analyses – as a matter of urgency.”


The BAAPS has repeatedly warned that there are still many unanswered questions relating to the PIP implants and that as a precaution to help protect patients, there should also be tests carried out on removed implants in the UK.  Many women who chose to undergo a breast augmentation (boob job) procedure never envisaged the upset and worry which the breast implants have caused to date.  Most procedures carried out with reputable implants have few complications in proportion to the amount of procedures carried out as the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure for women.


On the 18th June 2012 the Government Expert Group chaired by NHS Medical Director Sir Bruce Keogh released its Final Report following an extensive review of previous and new evidence available about the content and performance of the PIP breast implants. They have confirmed a much higher than normal rupture rate for PIP implants but again to date, have found that the implants do not show any evidence of potential harm to human health.


Symptoms of failed PIP implants:

1. Implant ruptures/ leaks can remain silent (asymptomatic) for several months/ years

2. Ruptures may be detected after routine ultrasound scan or mammography

3. A patient may experience a dull aching pain or/ and a burning sensation in one or both breasts

4. A change in size/ shape of one or both breasts, especially sudden enlargement

5. The appearance of a breast lump or lumps or enlargement of the lymph glands under the armpit


If you are concerned about PIP implants or any additional implants which you may have, call Melissa on 07793 738456 for advice and for a check up with one of our highly specialised Consultant Plastic Surgeons in Liverpool, Warrington or Ormskirk. 

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