Posted: July 2nd, 2013

By: Portia Lovering

Safe ways to select your non-surgical treatment in Merseyside, Cheshire and Lancashire

At Liverpool Cosmetic Clinic, we would advise that you select and research your practitioner for any non-surgical treatment, in the same way as you would if you were considering surgery.


It is thought that as a result of the lasting “credit crunch” which affects our financial climate, along with an apprehension of undergoing surgery, it has caused a dramatic upturn in the demand for non-invasive aesthetic treatments in the UK.


Research your practitioner

Ensure that the person carrying out your treatment is a clinician who is fully qualified to do so, in an appropriate sterile environment, using authentic products. Remember that wrinkle relaxing products which temporarily paralyse the muscles, commonly known as Botox should only be administered by a medically qualified practitioner, as they are prescriptive medicines.  Currently dermal fillers, commonly known as Restylane and Juvederm to name but a few can be performed by non clinical persons, however we would not recommend this, for your safety.


Research the treatment 

Carry out research on your proposed treatment prior to selecting a practitioner, so that you are aware of the procedure, what is involved, if any down time is necessary, whether any repeat treatment is required and how long  the product will last for.



Explain your concerns clearly and your aims of the treatment in terms of what you are trying to achieve from your non-surgical treatment.  You should feel able to talk to your clinician openly and they should advise you realistically what is achievable and also what is right for you.  Certain patients may opt to achieve a more aesthetically enhanced look, for example they may wish to obtain the maximum aesthetic outcome by requesting a more frozen or lifted look, or by requesting maximum volume using dermal fillers.  Other patients may wish to achieve the more natural look, where their treatment is more subtle, leaving them with more a a refreshed look.

At Liverpool Cosmetic Clinic, we provide highly experienced and fully registered doctors who will carry out your consultation and treatment.


Your practitioner will carry out your consultation in Liverpool, Cheshire or Lancashire for your convenience and will ascertain your medical history, for your safety.


Call Melissa today 07793 738456 for information on your non-surgical procedure such as wrinkle relaxing (Botox) or dermal filler injections.






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