Posted: July 12th, 2013

By: Portia Lovering

Scar revision options – surgical and non surgical in Merseyside, Cheshire and Lancashire

Who is suitable for scar revision treatment?

Most wounds caused by accidents or from surgery result in some degree of scarring and are a normal part of the healing process.  Scar revision aims to improve the appearance of a scar, however once the skin or underlying tissue is damaged, there will still be some scarring and treatment will not completely remove it but should improve matters.  There are several factors which will assist with the visibility of scarring, such as the location of the scar, the natural ability of the body to heal, lifestyle factors such as smoking, sun exposure and also your age and colour of skin.


Scar revision surgery

There are several types of scars such as Keloid scars (raised and red), Hypertrophic scars, (raised) and Sunken Striae (stretch marks), which can greatly affect confidence and can sometimes become troublesome or unsightly. If you are unhappy with the appearance of a scar, then it is worth while arranging a consultation with a Plastic Surgery expert, to discuss the options available to improve or manage you scar.  The aim of any surgery is to improve the appearance by altering the direction or position of the scar in order to appear less obvious.


Scar revision treatment non surgical

For non surgical treatment of scars, lasers may be used to successfully treat both the colour and the depth of the scar. It is extremely important that you choose a suitably qualified practitioner if you are considering laser treatment, in order to prevent any damage to the skin.


Scar management using Aesthetic Skin Camouflage

Cosmetic Skin Camouflage can be used to assist a number of various conditions for the long term management of skin disorders such as stretch marks, birth markes, vitiligo, rosacea  and also to conceal colour variations.  The Skin Camouflage expert will provide tuition on the application of products, which may be available on prescription, which will provide a natural finish and are waterproof unlike commercially available products.


When considering any type of scar revision treatment, always select an experienced Plastic Surgeon who is specialised in this type of procedure.


At Liverpool Cosmetic Clinic on Rodney Street in Liverpool, we have a team of Plastic Surgery experts who are able to provide advice on all aspects of scarring, burns, or skin complaints, using surgical intervention, non surgical treatment or Aesthetic Camouflage.


Call Melissa today on 07793 738456 for advice and to arrange a consultation with one of our fully registered Plastic Surgery experts.

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