Posted: August 21st, 2013

By: Portia Lovering

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad – Nightmare Horror Story

The Daily Mail Online published an article dated 20/8/13 which highlights the potential dangers of opting for Cosmetic Surgery abroad as follows:

Bad doc: June Jonigk went on a 'luxury holiday surgery' and ended up with an unwanted breast reduction and a botched tummy tuckBad doc: June Jonigk went on a ‘luxury holiday surgery’ and ended up with an unwanted breast reduction and a botched tummy tuck

It’s website shows stunning – clearly airbrushed – models in ballgowns, inviting readers to ‘take the first steps .  .  . to a new you’.


Secret Surgery, which specialises in ‘luxury plastic surgery holidays’, seems to promise  an indulgent, decadent treat to ‘leave you physically and spiritually rejuvenated’.


And if customers are in any doubt about its reputation, they are reassured by a regular stream of magazine articles and consistently positive reviews on the internet.


Sadly, however, in the world of cosmetic surgery things are often not as they seem – as one patient’s harrowing experience reveals.


June Jonigk, who flew from Britain to Poland for a tummy tuck,  was left with a gaping hole in her stomach for more than three months.


Then when she booked a breast uplift, she was given a breast reduction that took her down two cup sizes and flattened her bust.


And when she dared to complain and was in desperate need of after-care, she found herself abandoned by the company’s support system.


The 54-year-old claims she has been left traumatised, deeply unhappy with her body, and in need of corrective procedures.


Hers is just the latest case to highlight the urgent need for regulation of the cosmetic surgery industry.


The Mail on Sunday launched its Stop the Cosmetic Surgery Cowboys campaign this year in a bid to force the Government to act.


Since then,  a major inquiry led by Sir Bruce Keogh has laid bare shamefully inadequate practices in this sector.

His report echoed the legislative safeguards we are demanding to protect the public from irresponsible clinics: a minimum standard  of training and experience for cosmetic surgeons; a regulatory body of registered, properly insured members; an end to hard-sell tactics; and a 30-minute consultation with the surgeon for all patients at least two weeks before they consent to the procedure.


Had such safeguards been in place, June believes her ordeal could have been prevented.


‘Now I can see through the company’s marketing tactics, I feel so foolish to have put my faith in  them,’ she says.


‘When doctors or seemingly well-established medical companies tell you everything is  OK or normal, you trust them – why wouldn’t I? But in my eyes, that trust was completely betrayed.

‘I feel my body has been ruined and now I have to live with looking at myself every day. I still can’t believe that patients can be treated this  way. I had no idea that there was no legal regulation.’


Cases such as June’s are far from isolated. More than 16 per cent  of overseas cosmetic surgery results in complications, according to research by Leeds University. About one patient in ten needs NHS assistance after arriving home.


‘Booking surgery overseas can be as much a minefield as it is in the UK – if not more so,’ says Nigel Mercer, plastic surgeon and past president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. ‘Companies’ sales tactics are so persuasive that people trust their claims of expertise and qualifications, when there’s no real way to know the truth.’


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