Posted: October 2nd, 2013

By: Portia Lovering

Keogh recommendation on cosmetic surgery is ignored by certain cosmetic surgery clinics

Despite recommendations they should be banned – certain cosmetic surgery clinics are still promoting gimmicks to endorse cosmetic surgery, and promoting deals with cut price offers


  • The research also revealed not one provider gave patients the recommended two-stage written consent cooling-off period, as per the recommendations
  • 32% of non-surgical procedure providers don’t say who administers treatments and more than a quarter do not mention any qualifications
  • Only 22% are offered in registered with Care Quality Commission treatment environments

Very disappointing news was published as per the research from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) in London, at the annual general meeting.


The research highlighted the fact that certain cosmetic surgery clinics are still offering sales gimmicks and enticements – such as chauffeurs and package deals – despite recent Government recommendations that such sales tactics should be banned.  It also found that many deals were also time-linked, with statements such as ‘book by Friday’ or ‘only two places remaining for this week, book today!’


More than half of the top 50 aesthetic plastic surgery providers still advertise promotional deals, frequently offering freebies and promoted by photo shoots, competitions or holiday destinations.

The president of the BAAPS, Rajiv Grover stated:

‘This new, yet sadly unsurprising, evidence shows that despite the recommendations of Sir Bruce Keogh’s review, the most popular providers continue to advertise financial inducements and “luxury” incentives, clearly reinforcing the preposterous notion that surgery is part of a celebrity-style status symbol involving photo shoots and chauffeur services. 

‘There is nothing glamorous about surgery and these serious (and irreversible) procedures should not be sold alongside aspirational perks as if they were part of a jet-setting lifestyle.’


At Liverpool Cosmetic Clinic at Rodney Street in Merseyside, our ethos is Quality Service and you will see a fully registered Consultant Plastic Surgeon for your consultations and treatment.

We no not use sales gimmicks or sales advisors to attract patients, and your safety is always paramount which is why we only use Care Quality Commission registered locations for our procedures.
Our consulting locations are:
Liverpool, Merseyside | London | Manchester | Sheffield | Warrington Cheshire

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