Posted: October 15th, 2013

By: Portia Lovering

UK Cosmetic Surgeons Fear Another PIP Breast Implant Scandal

Can the UK be re educated over Cosmetic Surgery and the potential dangers of selecting cheaper options?


A team of UK Plastic Surgeons have predicted that the next PIP scandal is waiting to happen. It has now been three years since from the faulty PIP episode, which affected over 300,000 women causing much heartache and distress.


This week the Coastal Cosmetic Surgery group released a statement highlighting that more needs to be done to regulate plastic surgery in general along with breast implant surgery, to prevent future scandals.


They emphasised the shocking fact that with the number of people considering cosmetic procedures increasing, the United Kingdom still has ‘little to no regulation’.


Jeremy Hurren, a Consultant Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon at Nuffield stated: “The PIP disaster was appalling.


“Up to 40,000 British women appear to have received non-medical grade breast implants. I’m still seeing women who are having to deal with the consequences.


“I never, ever want to see this type of scandal happen again but I fear it may if the UK still doesn’t regulate this type of surgery and particularly the administration of non-surgical procedures.”


The team of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons is strongly advising any potential patient who is considering a cosmetic procedure to review their options fully.  They also warn to fully research any practitioner and to seek further advice from trained doctors or nurses, as opposed to becoming a victim of the latest marketing offers, which may well not be the safest option.


Sir Bruce Keogh (NHS Medical Director) recently published a report this April in response to the PIP scandal.


Within this report, it was recommended that any one who was to administer cosmetic surgery and/or cosmetic treatments should be ‘properly qualified’ and it strongly warned that sales, gimmicks and discounted deals which acted as incentives to have surgery should be banned.


According to the report published by Sir Bruce Keogh, the cosmetic surgery industry is anticipated to be worth a staggering £3.6 billion by 2015, and existing regulations are not designed to comprise changes seen within this sector.


Non-surgical treatments, such as dermal fillers, account for nine out of ten procedures but Sir Keogh said a person having such a procedure has ‘no more protection and redress than someone buying a ballpoint pen or a toothbrush’.


A Consultant Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon Charles Durrant stated that there is still a lot more action and regulation required on the matter.


“I’m still seeing discounted deals and they really concern me,” he said. “No one should choose a procedure based on the cheapest price.


“The decision to undergo a cosmetic intervention is a significant one for any individual and has a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of that person.


Non-surgical treatments, such as dermal fillers, account for nine out of ten procedures but Sir Keogh said a person having such work has ‘no more protection and redress than someone buying a ballpoint pen or a toothbrush’.


Simon Heppell, Consultant Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon stated: “It takes ten years to train as a surgeon and my colleagues and I have practised for many more, undergoing even more training and specialising to ensure we deliver the very best care and outcomes for our patients.


“A successful procedure can change someone’s life.


“A poor one can result in complications, disfigurement and ultimately can put someone’s health at risk.”


At Liverpool Cosmetic Clinic in Merseyside, our ethos is clear and we believe that quality is better than quantity, therefore selecting the most appropriate Cosmetic Surgeon who is qualified and experienced is the safer option, rather than selecting the cheapest deal.

Call Melissa today at Liverpool Cosmetic Clinic, for impartial advice on breast enlargement surgery or any other Cosmetic Surgery procedure or treatment: 07793 738456.

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