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Posted: November 18th, 2013

By: liverpoolCosmetic

Plastic Surgeons for burns treatments – Liverpool, Merseyside, Cheshire & Lancashire

In the care of patients with burns, Plastic Surgeons are an integral part of the burns team, who care for the patient from the moment they are admitted to the burns service, through their initial treatment, post discharge from hospital and, if they have long term scarring or disability, during the rehabilitation process and further treatment. Continue Reading

Posted: November 8th, 2013

By: liverpoolCosmetic

What to Consider Before Choosing Cosmetic Surgery

Make the Right Choice for you with Cosmetic Surgery Cosmetic surgery in Liverpool is a big step and you need to think carefully about the implications before you decide to go forward. Cosmetic surgery is no longer the taboo subject it once was, now more and more people are turning towards cosmetic surgery so they Continue Reading

Posted: November 5th, 2013

By: Portia Lovering

Changing Perspectives To Cosmetic Surgery In Liverpool

Changing Perspectives To Cosmetic Surgery In Liverpool   Cosmetic surgery Liverpool was once seen as something that only rich, unfulfilled Beverley Hills housewives did. Only a wannabe would go under the knife just for vanity, right? As a leading Liverpool cosmetic surgery consultancy we could not disagree more. We see women and men from all walks Continue Reading