Posted: January 10th, 2014

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Predicted Cosmetic Surgery Trends For 2014

Cosmetic Surgery Trends


Breast Surgery

It is predicted that the breast augmentation (Boob Job) will be even more popular in 2014, as more women may opt for a breast enlargement procedure, whether to make them bigger, smaller or more pert, breast enhancement is expected to remain as one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the UK.


Tummy tucks

The abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is a an extremely popular procedure for those left with excess skin after losing weight or for those left with a “mummy tummy” following having a baby. The tummy tuck is a suitable operation for a patient with with stretched skin left hanging and weakened muscles. The abdominoplasty aims to remove loose skin and tightens up the muscles, with 2014 anticipated to see a continued rise in people requesting information on this.


Chin Implants

It is thought that women will continue to opt for chin implants, a procedure revealed in 2013 to have been undertaken by Marilyn Monroe. The chin implant procedure adds definition and balances facial features, producing significant and immediate changes to the profile of a patient with a weak or receding chin.


Arm lift surgery

Brachioplasty (bingo wings) is the removal of excess, aging skin from the upper arms, aiming to produce tighter, more toned and youthful arms. An ever increasingly popular treatment among mature ladies who feel self-conscious about their upper arms, plus suitable for patients who have lost a significant amount of weight and want to tighten up the skin which has been left flabby.



The vaginoplasty has now become one the UK’s fastest growing cosmetic surgery procedures, in a quest for a ‘designer vagina’. Labiaplasty is cosmetic surgery to re shape and reduce the size of the labia minora. The vaginoplasty ‘tightens’ the vagina, a procedure that is particularly popular among women who have given birth.


Non surgical procedures

A combination of wrinkle or line smoothing treatments (Botox), and dermal fillers aim to provide a refreshed look.  Treatment helps skin to appear smoother, with minimised lines and gives a rejuvenated (less stressed) appearance. An increasing number of women want to halt the signs of ageing without undergoing surgery, therefore it is expected that we will see the trend for non-surgical facelifts and non surgical treatments continue for years to come.



This procedure may become one to watch, as next generation in body treatment. Lipotripsy is a non-invasive, relatively pain-fee treatment which stimulates the fat breakdown, collagen synthesis and lymphatic drainage system.  It is suitable to treat arms, tummy, hips, and thigh areas, delivering a slimming effect by reducing cellulite thus increasing oxygen levels, resulting in enhanced skin elasticity and the skin’s smoothness is dramatically improved.


At Liverpool Cosmetic Clinic on Rodney Street, Merseyside our local Consultant Plastic Surgeons are all GMC registered and are members of the regulatory plastic surgery UK organisations BAAPS and BAPRAS.


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