Posted: April 9th, 2014

By: liverpoolCosmetic

Breast Augmentation Questions – Advice From Allergan Breast Implants


Your surgery and your options

What is the best size for me? What are my options?


What’s the difference between saline and silicone? Which do you think may be right for me?


Are implants safe? What are the risks of surgery?


Is there anything in my medical history that I need to take into account?


Do you have some before-and-after photos I can look at?



Common concerns with breast augmentation surgery

How long will I be in hospital after surgery? Do I need to stay overnight?


When will I be able to resume my activities, like working out, etc?


How common is re-operation?


What are my options if I’m not totally happy with the result of my augmentation?


Is it possible to have my implants removed and not replaced?


How much will surgery cost? What are my payment options?


What can I expect during recovery?


Will I have scars? What will my breasts look like after surgery?


How should I prepare for my surgery and recovery?


What should I expect to happen on the day of my surgery?


What kind of follow-up appointments are needed after surgery, and how often?



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Our Liverpool and Cheshire based Cosmetic Surgeons specialise in cosmetic breast enlargement surgery procedures, such as breast augmentation (boob job) and breast enlargement with mastopexy (breast uplift) and breast reduction.

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