Posted: April 4th, 2018

By: liverpoolCosmetic

Lip Filller Plumping Treatment Liverpool

Lip Filler Enhancement – Plumping and Shaping


At Liverpool Cosmetic Clinic we use the specially developed dermal filler Juvederm, to increase volume to the lip area and to provide a more attractive and plumped appearance for lip rejuvenation. Some people naturally have thin lips and the lips lose their volume as we age due to decreasing collagen, in addition to factors such as smoking and sun exposure.  Over time the vertical lip lines become more noticeable, which can also be treated alongside the non surgical lip plumping treatment, using dermal fillers. The mouth area is unique and individual; therefore our approach is to add volume which is natural looking.


Natural looking lips in Liverpool which last

The lip injection filler treatment defines the outline of the lips, including adding definition to the Cupids Brow at the top of the lips, plus can assist with uneven and unequal lips by correcting techniques used by your practitioner. Juvederm dermal filler products are made from a smooth gel consistency, improving the texture of the lips, making them feel smoother and preserving moisture.


Benefits of Lip Filler Treatment in Liverpool

  • Delivers instant results
  • Lasts for approximately 12 months
  • Provides shape and volume
  • Minimal swelling
  • No down time required


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