Cosmetic Skin Camouflage

Our expert Jane McPhail who is a Plastic Surgery Burns Prosthetist, specialises in cosmetic skin camouflage treatments for the following scar and skin conditions:

Striae (stretchmarks)

Jane McPhail has a number of years’ experience in scar management and understands that scarring can cause anxiety and distress. She is therefore able to offer various treatments to alleviate symptoms, to flatten and improve the general appearance of many types of scarring.

Aesthetic camouflage can assist with the long term management of scars and cosmetic skin camouflage can be applied to a number of various conditions such as stretch marks, vitiligo, birth marks and rosacea to conceal colour differences.

With tuition, these cosmetic camouflage products, provide a natural finish and are waterproof unlike commercially available products.

Jane McPhail can offer cosmetic camouflage and laser scar removal and cosmetic camouflage appointments at, Liverpool, Leeds, London Preston or Sheffield and performs laser scar treatment for the long term management of unsightly scars.

 “Jane has made my daughter back to what she used to be. Her confidence has shot up no end and she hasn’t stopped smiling since. As a parent I cannot thank her enough!”

Referrals are accepted on a private basis, from Solicitors and Insurers for the following:

  • Private patient appointments
  • Medico-legal reports
  • Medico-legal rehabilitation

For further information or to request a copy of the CV, please contact Melissa: 07793 738456