Lip Augmentation Treatment

Reasons for Dermal Filler Lip Enhancement

The lips are one of the most vulnerable areas of the face for losing volume when ageing, however replacing lost volume caused by ageing and weight loss can add definition to the face. Younger patients who have thinner lips genetically and patients seeking lip fillers often request a subtle and natural enhancement to increase volume and definition to their lips.

If your lips have lost fullness and definition over time, or you have always wanted fuller lips, then lip enhancement using dermal fillers may be a suitable treatment option for you. A product such as Juvederm containing HCA is great for adding volume to the lips, for targeting fine lines around the area, as well as leaving a natural sheen.

Lip augmentation in Liverpool has become increasingly popular over the past few years with patients of all ages, who mostly opt for a natural lip enhancement result using a product made from hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring substance) such as from the Juvederm range.  As the lip filler injections are non permanent, your practitioner can inject hyluronidase eraser enzyme, which will dissolve the filler in five minutes, should you decide that you are unhappy with the treatment.

Anyone with a history of cold sores should take a preventative medication 2 days prior to lip enhancement treatment, as cold sores can be triggered by the injections.

Lip Filler Treatment

You can discuss with your practitioner whether you want treatment on both lips, just the bottom lip, or the middle of the top lip and the lip enhancement can plump wherever you and your doctor discuss will best complement your facial features, to achieve the best outcome.

Your doctor will apply a local anaesthetic cream to the lips and leave for approximately 15 minutes to numb the area prior to commencing the lip volume injections, however a dental block may be used in some instances. The injections feel like a little scratch and once complete, the doctor will massage your lips to smooth the dermal filler lip product into the desired shape.

The lip filler treatment normally takes approximately 30-45 minutes, with your Practitioner using a combination of injectable dermal fillers such as Juvederm or Volbella and it is possible to instantly enhance and create larger and fuller lips.

The results from dermal filler lip injections are visible immediately following treatment and Dr Barker will work with you to achieve the desired shape and volume.  The dermal filler lip product is medically developed and made from a smooth gel which can be sculpted into shape to perfect the lips.

Practitioners can achieve excellent results enabling patients to maintain a youthful appearance by addressing volume loss using non-surgical techniques, as opposed to surgery. Advanced aesthetic practitioner injectors should perform treatments such as lip enhancement and they are continually formulating new techniques to maximise the potential of dermal filler products.

At Liverpool Cosmetic and Aesthetic Clinic, our highly trained Doctors and Cosmetic Surgeons take time to understand the requirements of our patients and provide expert advice on the more popular uses for dermal fillers including the augmentation of the lips.

What results can be expected?

Your lips may appear be a little swollen initially, however the effects of the lip fillers are visible pretty quickly. You should allow your lips 24-48 hours to settle down and for the swelling to decrease, then you’ll see your newly treated plumped out lips as they will be for the next few months.

Sight bruising or bleeding at the site of injection is normal with any small bruises fading between 5-7 days and there is no down time required following your lip filler treatment.

You should avoid strenuous exercise and massages or facials on the day of your lip enhancement treatment.

How long does the dermal lip filler treatment last?

The average duration of the effects of lip filler augmentation using dermal fillers such as Juvederm Volbella is up to 12 months.  The Hyaluronic acid in the product, which is also a natural substance found in the body is broken down gradually over time.  if your body is on the the slimmer side, you may metabolise the dermal filler product as a faster rate.

Lip enhancement using dermal fillers is a non-surgical and non-permanent treatment which is safe, when administered by a highly trained advanced aesthetic practitioner.  A full consultation to assess your treatment expectations and to obtain your medical history will be provided at your appointment with Dr Barker.

If you decide not to opt for further lip pluming treatments, you will not have saggy, wrinkly or stretched lips. The product such as Judeverm injected into your lips has been proven to jump-start more Hyaluronic acid production at the site of the injection, therefore your lips may naturally remain a little larger, thanks to the previous injections.

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