Scar Treatment Options 

Scars can be caused by accident, surgery, rapid weight gain or pregnancy. How a scar heals depends on its location on the body, the age of the person and their genetic make-up. We understand that scars can be upsetting, especially when on a visible area of the face or body.
We have many years experience in scar management and can offer various treatments to alleviate symptoms, flatten and improve the general appearance of many types of scarring, both surgically and non surgically:

Scar Revision Surgery
Laser Treatment for scars
Cosmetic Camouflage for scars

Non Surgical Scar Management

Jane McPhail has a number of years’ experience in scar management and understands that scarring can cause distress, embarrassment and anxiety to adults and children. She is therefore able to offer various treatments to alleviate symptoms, to flatten and improve the general appearance of many types of scarring including Hypertrophic, Keloid, Atrophic using the following treatments:

  • Cosmetic skin camouflage
  • Laser
  • Pressure
  • Silicone gel therapy
  • Tattooing

Surgical Scar Management

Surgical scar revision is performed under local anaesthesia or general anaesthetic following a surgical assessment by a Plastic Surgeon, who advises that a scar can be improved using surgical intervention.

The existing scar is treated by one of several plastic surgery techniques and is repaired. Pain following scar revision surgery is normally minimal, with stitches removed in 4 to 6 days from the face or 7 to 10 days from other parts of the body. Dissolving sutures may be used by the Plastic Surgeon to minimise stitch marks to the limbs or trunk. Stitch marks are much less likely to appear on the facial area, due to the early removal. Following scar revision surgery new scars will initially be red. Fading occurs within the first 6 to 24 months depending on the location of the scar and the patient’s skin type:

  • Scar revision surgery
  • Z-plasty scar revision
  • Keloid excision 

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