Breast Enlargement Surgery (Augmentation)

The choice to have a breast enlargement can be one of the biggest decisions you will make. Many people choose to have a breast enlargement and all for different reasons. At Liverpool Cosmetic Clinic, we work with some of the UK’s leading plastic surgeons to ensure that you get the results that you want and deserve.

A mammoplasty, or breast enlargement, is the surgical procedure in which implants are used to enhance the current size and shape of any given persons breasts. The number of women to have a breast augmentation has risen considerably since 9,652 people back in 2015. Since then, it is becoming more and more popular for people to go ahead with Breast enlargement surgery.

Genetics determine your breast size and women who have suffered from congenital underdevelopment, breast asymmetry or contour deformity may seek a breast enhancement procedure. Whilst genetics hold a great deal of responsibility for the shape and size of your breasts, other factors can also affect their appearance. Factors such as significant weight gain/loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding may cause the breasts to fluctuate in size, resulting in natural loss of breast volume and long term changes.

As you get older many women notice that the appearance of the breasts change. Known as ptosis, the gradual droop of breasts during the aging process may also be corrected by a breast enlargement procedure. For more severe cases, nipple repositioning using an uplift may also be necessary.

Alongside genetics and general stages of a woman’s life, such as having children and aging, many struggle with confidence issues which could stem from having small or uneven breasts in which the patient may feel very self-conscious about when wearing certain items of clothing, resulting in low self-esteem. Breast augmentation remains to be the most popular cosmetic procedure in the UK to date, which demonstrates the ability to achieve a satisfying outcome in most patients.

The breast enlargement operation

The operation itself for breast enlargement is becoming more and more common worldwide and with a raising demand, the procedure has become a common practice for plastic surgeons. The procedure for Breast augmentation is a surgery in which we offer to increase the size of the breasts with the aim to make them firmer and fuller yet still keeping them in proportion with the rest of the body.

Before the operation the patient is assessed on an individual basis and the decision on where to place the implant is discussed during the consultation. The breast enlargement surgery involves making a incision in the skin or below the breast, next is positioning the implant and lastly is the stitching of the incision and covering it with a dressing.

The surgery for breast enlargement lasts between 1-2 hours with general anaesthetic. The procedure involves inserting a breast implant either under the breast tissue or behind the muscle of where the breast lies. The type of breast implants are commonly round but they can be shaped to create a more natural breast shape for the patient, this includes a tear drop shape or anatomical implants. However the shape of the actual breast implant to be used in the operation would be discussed with the surgeon during the consultation. Also when the surgeon is making an incision, they will minimise any scarring, however scarring from the procedure will begin to fade over time into a faint white line within 6-12 months.

The recovery of breast enlargement surgery would be taken care of in stages, for example after 1-2 weeks, the stitches would need to be removed however this is only if dissolvable stitches werent used. You would need to wear a supportive bra for several weeks after the operation and will also be advised not to drive for 10 days. Once the procedure has taken place, we advise on a total of 1-2 nights in hospital and then a recovery time of 1-2 weeks off work to allow the body to rest post operation in which driving is not advised during the recovery time.

Opting for breast enlargement surgery with implants can occasionally result in problems for example, the forming of thick and obvious scarring, the breast tissue feeling hard, a ruptured implant, creases or folds in the implant and many more which would be discussed with the Consultant Plastic Surgeon. Also because it is an operation, small risks are always involved which can include excessive bleeding, infection, an allergic reaction to the anaesthetic or a blood clot forming in the deep veins. However risks involved are very uncommon due to the high frequency of the procedure.

However all the benefits, risks and your expectations of the breast enlargement procedure will be discussed further and explained thoroughly during the consultation with a fully registered Consultant Plastic Surgeon.  

  • Procedure Time: 1-2 hours (general anaesthetic)
  • Hospital Stay: 1-2 nights
  • Recovery Time: 1-2 weeks off work

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