Breast Enlargement Surgery (Augmentation)

Reasons for breast enlargement surgery

Genetics determine our breast size and women who have suffered from congenital underdevelopment, breast asymmetry or contour deformity may seek a breast enhancement procedure. Other factors can affect the appearance of breasts, for instance significant weight gain/loss, pregnancy or breast feeding, which may cause the breasts to fluctuate in size, resulting in natural loss of breast volume and long term changes. The ageing process may also be responsible for a more gradual droop (ptosis) and breast enlargement can correct the milder ptosis but for a more severe case, nipple repositioning using an uplift (Mastopexy) may be necessary. Confidence issues may arise from small or uneven breasts and the patient may feel extremely self-conscious when wearing certain items of clothing, resulting in low self-esteem. Breast augmentation remains to be the most popular cosmetic procedure in the UK to date, which demonstrates the ability to achieve a satisfying outcome in most patients.

The breast enlargement operation

At Liverpool Cosmetic Clinic we offer breast augmentation to increase the size of the breasts, by placing a breast implant either under the breast tissue or behind the muscle on which the breast lies. The tissue of the breast is not altered by an enlargement procedure, as it is inserted behind the breast of the patient, usually through incisions in the fold under the breast (inframammary fold). Your surgeon will aim to minimise any scarring by concealing it out of sight, for example under the natural breast crease. Any scarring should start to fade into a faint white line within 6-12 months after your procedure. The decision as to whether to select implants over the muscle or under the muscle will be assessed on an individual basis and discussed during your consultation. The aim of the enlargement procedure is to achieve permanently fuller and firmer breasts which are more in proportion to the rest of the body.

Breast implants are round or they can be shaped, more like a natural breast referred to as tear drop or anatomical implants. Both choices can give excellent results and the average life expectancy of breast implants is 10 or more years, although implants can stay in place and without problems for a much lengthier period of time. You will be required to wear a supportive bra for several weeks post procedure and will be advised not to drive for approximately 10 days post operatively.

Further benefits, risks and your expectations will be discussed and explained during your consultation with a fully registered Consultant Plastic Surgeon.

  • Procedure Time: 1-2 hours (general anaesthetic)
  • Hospital Stay: 1-2 nights
  • Recovery Time: 1-2 weeks off work

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