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Facelift Surgery (Rhytidectomy)

Reasons for facelift surgery

You may be seeking a more youthful appearance and wish to address the sagging to the face and neck caused by the ageing process or weight loss. The effects of gravity, sun exposure, lifestyle and stress can all contribute to the rate at which we appear to age. Eventually our skin will lose its elasticity and our muscles begin to slacken, so the facial skin becomes less elastic, facial folds and creases are created with fine lines developing above and around the lips. The lines to the outer corners of the eyes may extend and the brows may droop causing the upper eyelids to gather excess folds. The folds also deepen into the smile lines and mouth as the jawline drops and the skin on the neck becomes more relaxed. There are several methods and variations of the Facelift procedure, with the optimum result being achieved with a patient who has a face and neck which have started to sag, but still has relatively good skin elasticity. The average age for a patient to undergo a Facelift procedure is between 40-60, however effective results can also be achieved on a patient who is older, depending on their quality of skin.

The facelift Operation

Liverpool Cosmetic Clinic provides the Facelift procedure which involves tightening the facial muscles using surgical cuts and removing any excess fat. The skin is lifted and pulled back, trimming any excess skin before stitching back to the original cut. The positioning and size of the cuts (normally in the hair line and around the ears) will depend upon the type of Facelift or Necklift which is carried out. The standard Facelift typically addresses the lower part of the face and there are other procedures which may be advised in combination to achieve the best surgical outcome, such as Browlift, Necklift or eye surgery.

Initially the face will appear swollen, bruised and may feel stiff with numbness, plus you will normally wear bandages post operatively for several days. The initial bruising and swelling subsides in 2-6 weeks and daily activities can normally be undertaken at 2 weeks after surgery.

Facelift Surgery FAQ

Will I have scars following facelift surgery?

You can expect scarring where your cosmetic surgeon makes the incisions, around the hairline and ears and under your chin, depending on whether you have opted for a lower facelift or full facelift surgery.

How will I feel following the procedure?

After your facelift operation, your face will look swollen and may feel numb and stiff, which is normally temporary. It is normal to experience bruising, swelling and soreness. You will have banages in place for several days following surgery.

When can I drive following facelift surgery?

Your surgeon will normally recommend resuming driving approximately 2 weeks after surgery has been performed, to assist with recovery and for insurance purposes.

How long after surgery should I exercise?

You are advised to not to commence strenuous exercise or swimming until approximately weeks following your facelift procedure.

Further benefits, risks and your expectations will be discussed and explained during your consultation with a fully registered Consultant Plastic Surgeon.

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