Male Ear Re-Shaping Surgery (Pinnaplasty)

Reasons for ear re shaping surgery

Some men may be unhappy with one or both of their ears due to the size, the shape, that they are too prominent or asymmetrical in shape. This can be embarrassing to male adults and particularly when boys are growing up, which may lead to teasing at school. Prominent ears may also affect levels of self-confidence and the condition is mainly an inherited factor, affecting approximately 1-2% of the population. The ear cartilage of a baby is extremely floppy and if a problem is detected during the first few weeks after birth, the correction can be performed at this point using a small splint. As a child develops and from the age of 6 months onwards, surgical intervention is required due to the cartilage becoming hard and therefore being unable to be re shaped non surgically.

The ear re-shaping operation

Liverpool Cosmetic Clinic offer the ear re-shaping procedure for men. The ear pinning operation is performed by making cuts behind the ear, allowing the cartilage to be re shaped, re folded or even removed where necessary. The ear re shaping procedure adjusts the shape of the cartilage within the ear, allowing the ear to sit closer to the head, thus creating the missing fold. There is normally a small scar left behind the ear at the side of the head along the crease of the ear, which should heal after several weeks.

You will be advised to wear a bandage for several days post operatively to keep the area clean and dry, and then a head bandage for a further 2 weeks, particularly to protect the ears whilst sleeping at night. The ears may feel sore and tender for several weeks, therefore it is advisable to rest for approximately 1 week after your surgery.

Further benefits, risks and your expectations will be discussed and explained during your consultation with a fully registered Consultant Plastic Surgeon.

  • Procedure Time: 1-2 hours (normally general anaesthetic)
  • Hospital Stay: 1 night
  • Recovery Time: 1 week off work
  • Guide price from: £

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