Wrinkle Relaxing treatment Botulinum Toxin (Botox)

Reasons for Botox treatment in Liverpool, Cheshire & Lancashire

You may be seeking a more youthful appearance and wish to address the lines and wrinkles to the face and neck caused by the ageing process, or from natural sagging due the effect of gravity, causing skin to lose its elasticity and slacken the muscles. Sun exposure, smoking, lifestyle and stress can all influence the rate at which we appear to age, with facial expressions such as laughing and frowning contributing to the formation of lines. Botulinum toxin is commercially known as Botox, with the most commonly used name for the treatment known as Botox injections. Botox can be extremely effective at diminishing lines and wrinkles caused by muscle contraction, and can produce an overall improved appearance with a more youthful look. For facial sagging, a surgical tightening procedure may be necessary and Botox is not effective in treating lines caused by sun damage, hence a chemical peel may be advised in this instance, to address the skin texture. For forehead lines, frown lines and crows feet, Botox treatment can be particularly successful in reducing the visible effects of ageing and therefore may assist in enhancing self-esteem and confidence.

The Botox treatment

Liverpool Cosmetic Clinic offer Botulinum or Botox treatment, which a is a product produced from a bacteria called Clostridium Botulinum, with the most commercially used and potent form of this toxin being type A, which is used for this treatment. Botox was first used in 1978 during the treatment to weaken overactive eye muscles, and was then used for cosmetic reasons for muscle contraction lines in 1990. Botox acts by causing temporary paralysis to the treated muscles, by blocking a chemical called acetylcholine, responsible for transmitting electrical impulses which cause muscle contraction.

The effect from Botox treatment normally commences from 24-72 hours post injection, reaching maximum effect at approximately 1-2 weeks. The results normally last for approximately 3-4 months, fading naturally and gradually, and when this is observed you may opt to have another treatment. There is no recommended down time for this treatment, but you may have slight reddening of the injected area initially and you may be given some post treatment instructions to follow.

Further benefits, risks and your expectations will be discussed and explained during your consultation with a fully registered Consultant Plastic Surgeon in Liverpool, Blackpool or Wilmslow.

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