Thread vein reduction treatment in Liverpool

Dr Peter Finigan from the Dr Newmans clinic blends the techniques of time honoured injection compression sclerotherapy with the modern method of treating finer veins with thermocoagulation sometimes referred to as Veinwave. The combination of these treatments provides the ultimate cosmetic result for troublesome spider veins on the legs.

On the face the veins are divided into those that surround the nose, and go into the nose and the veins that are associated with rosacea. Years of experience in clinic has shown that veins of all sizes can be treated with confidence using thermocoagulation (Veinwave) alone.

The fantastic results are incredibly satisfying for patients and the treatment is ‘walk-in walk-out’. We have a wealth of experience in the management of redness of the nose and rosacea and have been treating difficult cases of redness often causing serious psychological problems for our patients such as KPRF, resistant rosacea which has failed other treatments. Minor Vascular blemishes such as Spider Naevi and small angiomas can be treated safely and effectively in seconds.

Who performs the thread vein removal treatment?

All consultations for thread vein removal are Doctor led, with Dr Peter Finigan providing consultations in Liverpool. During the consultation, each patient has a full examination, where you will undergo a visual assessment of your condition using our technology. We are able to assess your condition using both normal and polarised light, which enables us to see beneath the skins surface. You will receive a full explanation of the planned procedures and importantly our expectations of the results you will achieve.

Many of our patients bring along a friend or family member to this initial consultation and we’re happy to explain the simple and safe processes to them too.

In select cases, particularly for our overseas patients travelling long distances, we may be able to treat on the same day. Others may require more time and our clinic coordinators will organise your treatment dates to fit the busiest lives. All of our patients’ needs are unique and a bespoke treatment plan is formed for you at this stage.

Which areas are suitable for thread vein treatment?

  • Leg veins
  • Facial veins
  • Nose veins
  • Facial redness
  • Blemishes



wat2Dr Newman Clinic leg vein before treatment





Dr Newman Clinic leg vein post treatment    wat