Breast asymmetry describes one breast which is noticeably smaller or larger than the other, differing by at least one cup size. This condition can be extremely upsetting and embarrassing to a woman or young girl teenage girl, as a problem with breast development can become apparent during these developmental years.


Please see the following information from British Association Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (BAPRAS) on breast asymmetry:


Asymmetry is managed by augmentation of the smaller breast or reduction of the larger breast, or sometimes a combination of the two.  If the patient is prepared to accept two breasts the same size as the smaller one then a reduction of the larger is always the simplest solution giving a lasting result.


Tubular breasts are managed by a combination of implants and reshaping of the nipple areola area.


The chest wall problems in Poland’s syndrome can be corrected by muscle transfer, custom-made implants or lipofilling.  Part of the pectoralis major muscle is missing in Poland’s syndrome resulting in flattening of the front of the chest and loss of the normal contour of the front of the armpit.  The latissimus dorsi muscle can be transferred from the back to correct the contour and re-establish the fold at the front of the armpit.  Custom-made implants are sometimes appropriate.


Lipofilling is a relatively new technique whereby fat is aspirated from one part of the body using fine cannulae, the fat is separated into its’ component parts and the living fat cells are injected into the underdeveloped area again using fine cannulae.  For larger defects multiple sessions are needed.  This technique is already established as a useful adjunct in breast reconstruction and if it fulfills its early promise, it may be the ideal solution for congenital chest and breast problems.


Liverpool Cosmetic Clinic has experienced Plastic Surgeons with expertise on breast disorders such as breast asymmetry, tubular breast or breast reconstruction.  Our Liverpool and Cheshire cosmetic surgeons are also and other cosmetic breast procedures such as breast augmentation (boob job), mastopexy (breast uplift) and mammoplasty (breast reduction).


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