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Cosmetic Skin Camouflage

Our expert Jane McPhail who is a Plastic Surgery Burns Prosthetist, specialises in cosmetic skin camouflage treatments suitable for the following skin conditions:

Acne scarring
Age spots
Thread veins

Aesthetic skin camouflage can assist with the long term management of scars and various conditions such as stretch marks, vitiligo, birth marks and rosacea to conceal colour differences.

Skin camouflage products are specialised to blend with the natural colour of the skin. The specialist cosmetic skin camouflage products are specifically designed to disguise a dominant colour or to blend with the colour of the surrounding skin. They are long-lasting, waterproof, smudge-resistant, and sweat proof when correctly applied using the expert advice from Jane. The cosmetic skin camouflage products are suitable for women and men along with children over the age of five.

Following an initial assessment to ascertain whether skin camouflage is applicable, Jane will provide a camouflage tuition appointment which includes a colour matching session, used to find the optimum match for the surrounding tissues by blending various shades. Camouflage creams are high in pigment (they contain a lot of colour), more so than standard beauty foundations and concealers, providing an even, uniform skin tone. This is then applied to the area and set with a finishing powder to help prevent movement of the creams by clothing or water.

With tuition, these cosmetic camouflage products provide a natural finish and are waterproof unlike commercially available products.

Jane McPhail has a number of years’ experience in scar management and understands that scarring can cause anxiety and distress. She is therefore able to offer various treatments to alleviate symptoms, to flatten and improve the general appearance of many types of scarring.

Skin Camouflage FAQ

What is cosmetic skin camouflage?

Skin camouflage is the application of specialist, highly-pigmented powders and creams which can be applied to reduce the appearance of a scar, mark or skin condition.  Skin camouflage products can be applied to the face and body.

Cosmetic skin camouflage creams and powders come in a wide selection of shades and colours so they can be matched to an individual’s skin tone. A skin colour match with Jane McPhail will ensure that the correct colour is selected for you.

Which conditions is skin camouflage suitable for?

Skin camouflage is suitable for an extensive range of conditions such as:

Can skin camouflage reduce the appearance of raised/indented scars?

Skin camouflage products are designed for covering an area of skin with a colour that matches the surrounding area, but cannot level out a raised area or fill an indented area and cannot alter the texture of the skin.

Are cosmetic skin camouflage products waterproof?

Skin camouflage creams and products are made more-long lasting and more waterproof by a specially-formulated finishing powder, therefore they are suitable for use while swimming, showering, and playing

Assessments and advice available for cosmetic camouflage, laser scar removal, cosmetic camouflage and non-surgical long term scar management in Birmingham, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Preston.

“Jane has made my daughter back to what she used to be. Her confidence has shot up no end and she hasn’t stopped smiling since. As a parent I cannot thank her enough!”

Referrals are accepted on a private basis, from Solicitors and Insurers for the following:

Private patient appointments
Medico-legal reports
Medico-legal rehabilitation

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Client Testimonies

Thread Veins

I had treatment for thread veins on my nose and face. The Doctor who treated me was fantastic and I received a great service.

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