Breast enlargement ManchesterPublished on 23rd May 2019

Breast Implants Information

Breast enlargement surgery is the most commonly carried out of all cosmetic surgery procedures. Statistics issued by the British Association of Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) reveal 8,000 breast enlargement surgeries were carried out in the UK in 2016 and it is a popular procedure across a wide age range. The high patient satisfaction rate probably explains the reason for the procedure’s continued popularity.

If you’re considering breast enlargement implant surgery in Manchester, here at Liverpool Cosmetic Clinic we work with Mr Sohail Akhtar, one of the UK’s leading consultant plastic surgeons. Choosing the right surgeon is really important, and the highly experienced and skilled Mr Akhtar provides outstanding care for all his patients. He is vastly experienced in breast surgery and has treated hundreds of satisfied patients in Rochdale, Manchester, Huddersfield, Liverpool and the North West.

What is breast enlargement surgery?

Breast enlargement, also frequently referred to as breast enhancement, breast augmentation, breast implants or ‘boob job’, involves placing an artificial implant in each breast to enhance the size and shape. Occasionally, implants are used to correct asymmetry. The implant can be placed either under the breast tissue or under the chest muscle behind the breast, depending on patient preference and suitability.

Why undergo breast enlargement surgery?

Many women consider undergoing breast surgery to increase the size of their breasts. Being unhappy with the size of the breasts can cause low self-esteem for some women, and many seek a surgical solution for this issue.

Genetic factors influence the size of the breasts and in some cases breast development can be hindered by factors such as poor nutrition and hormonal fluctuations.

Weight loss can also cause the breasts to shrink and some women become unhappy with their breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Breast enlargement surgery is often a great option to restore confidence and self-esteem.

What does surgery involve?

Breast enlargement surgery typically takes one to two hours and is usually performed under general anaesthetic. Your surgeon will make incisions in the breast skin, typically in the crease under the breast, around the nipple or towards the armpit.

Most women choose to have the implant put under the breast tissue on top of the muscle, but occasionally it is placed under the chest muscle. When the implant is under the chest muscle it is often less obvious that implants are present, but this technique often results in more pain and more postoperative downtime. During your consultation with Mr Akhtar you can discuss your preferred method and whether it will be suitable for you.

Postoperatively, drains may be placed in the breast to drain out excess fluid, and the breasts will be put in a supportive dressing. Some soreness and swelling is expected, and it will be necessary to have a week or two off work, although everyone’s recovery time is different. After a week or two, the soreness and swelling has usually subsided but heavy lifting and strenuous exercise must be avoided for a period of around a month to six weeks.

Stitches are removed after about a week, unless dissolvable stitches are used. You will undergo a postoperative wound check after surgery, and you will be advised when this is before leaving hospital after your surgery.

Breast enlargement Manchester

Come and meet Dr Akhtar at our Manchester or Liverpool clinic to discuss your breast enlargement requirements at your free, no-obligation mini consultation. Liverpool Cosmetic Clinic will always provide honest advice and a thorough consultation is carried out for every patient. This is to ensure clients have time to absorb the information, to ask any questions, and to decide whether surgery is right for them. There is absolutely no obligation to proceed to surgery after a consultation. Patient satisfaction and safety is always our priority.

Mr Akhtar offers breast enlargement consultation in both Liverpool, Merseyside and Rochdale, Manchester, in high quality private hospitals/clinics where you will receive care of the very highest standard.

Breast enlargement surgery is priced at £4469.00 with 0% finance available.
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