Breast implant replacementPublished on 18th October 2019

What is breast implant replacement surgery and why is it performed?

Breast implant replacement is a cosmetic surgery procedure carried out on patients who are unhappy with the outcome of their initial breast augmentation procedure.
Sometimes patients are almost immediately dissatisfied with the results of their enhancement, or feelings of disappointment can develop over time.

Breast implant replacement

Breast implant replacement surgery involves removing the unsatisfactory implants along with any internal scar tissue and repairing the “pocket”. The implants are replaced by new ones, which may be bigger or smaller than the originals. This is done through the original incision to minimise scarring.

Breast implant replacement surgery is also known as breast re-augmentation surgery, or breast revisionary surgery.
Contrary to popular belief, breast implants don’t need to be replaced every ten or so years – and so breast implant replacement surgery is usually carried out to:
• Correct asymmetry – this can develop because of gravity or weight loss or gain.
• Increase or decrease the size of the breasts
• Correct capsular contracture – this is a condition in which “capsules” of scar tissue form around the implant (a degree of which is a normal part of the healing process). However, in some cases this scar tissue becomes unusually hard and contacts around the implant causing problems such as breast pain and misshapen breasts.
• Change the appearance of breasts that somehow just ‘don’t look right’.

Unfortunately, breast implant replacement surgery it isn’t always as simple as replacing the implant with other ones that may be a different size or shape; sometimes a new “pocket” must be created in which to place the implant. It’s important that the new implants are integrated into the surrounding tissue so that they are stabilised and the possibility of capsular contracture is minimised.
Breast augmentation (also known as breast enhancement or breast implant surgery) is the UK’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedure, carried out on over 28,000 patients in 2018.

With the amount of breast augmentation surgeries carried out, it stands to reason that there will be patients who have either experienced problems with their implants such as capsular contracture or who are unhappy with the appearance of the implants.

Although it is a common procedure, carrying out breast implant surgery requires a high level of skill and experience to achieve the result the patient desires. Patients often have a very specific outcome in mind, with particular ideas about breast size and shape. When the desired outcomes are not achieved, patients often request revision surgery.

Breast implant replacement at Liverpool Cosmetic Clinic

Here at Liverpool Cosmetic Clinic, we endeavour to provide the highest quality of care to all our patients. Our highly experienced cosmetic surgeon Mr Akhtar has carried out countless breast surgeries on very satisfied patients throughout Liverpool, Manchester and the North West.

Every patient is different, and Mr Akhtar will carry out a comprehensive consultation to find out why the patient is unhappy with their current implants and plan how this can be rectified. We provide trustworthy advice that is tailored to our patients’ needs.

What to expect after breast implant replacement surgery

Mr Akhtar will perform the surgery using the latest revision surgery techniques so that patients’ recovery time and risk of complications is minimised.
Breast re- augmentation surgery generally takes longer than the initial breast implant surgery, taking 2 to 3 hours or longer. The surgery is carried out under general anaesthetic. Fortunately, breast revision procedures typically cause less discomfort than the initial breast implant surgery due to their being less trauma to the muscles, tissues, and nerves, and this, in turn, reduces recovery time.
Removal and re-augmentation patients are advised to take 1 week off work and refrain from physical activities for 6 – 8 weeks postoperatively, during which time, patients will also be required to wear a post-op bra.
Postoperative instructions will be very similar to the initial breast augmentation procedure.
Surgery is carried out in CQC registered hospitals and Mr Akhtar is a fully accredited GMC Consultant Plastic Surgeons who is registered with the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS). We aim to deliver the highest level of service with full patient aftercare for your peace of mind.
We do not use sales advisors or offers to promote surgery and all appointments are consultant lead.
Breast implant replacement surgery from £5300.00 with 0% finance available.
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