Breast Implants – FactsPublished on 3rd March 2019

Information on Breast Implants

Which breast implants will be most suitable?

During your breast enlargement consultation, your cosmetic surgeon will discuss the look and shape you wish to achieve from your boob job operation. Your surgeon will then suggest and discuss which size of breast implants may be beneficial to you. Although your cosmetic surgeon will be able to give you an idea of your new bra and breast size following breast implants, this is a guideline. Your surgeon will also discuss your desired surgical outcome and results you are aiming to achieve from breast implant surgery. They will also advise the breast implant options, taking into consideration your body size and shape.

Will I have scars after surgery from breast implant surgery?

Following breast augmentation using breast implants, the scars will be red however these should gradually fade over 6-12 months. You can expect minor scarring from your breast enlargement surgery under the crease of the breast, which should diminish significantly over time and become much less noticeable. Your cosmetic surgeon will explain where the incisions will be made to place your breast implants during surgery. One technique leaves a scar under the breast hidden in the breast crease, or your plastic surgeon may approach boob job surgery using the method where the incisions are made around the areola or through the armpit.

Choices of breast implants

Anatomical implants

The anatomical or teardrop implants are natural looking in the shape of the breast, sloping from the chest wall to the nipple. Anatomical implants are a good choice for patients who are seeking natural boobs and who have less breast tissue.

Round implants

Round breast implants are popular in the UK and can be ideal for patients who have existing breast tissue and who are seeking a fuller, round breast. The round implants provide fullness to the top of the breast and can be suitable for ladies who have a curvy figure.

How will pregnancy affect my breast enlargement?

Pregnancy can affect your breast enhancement surgery if you gain a significant amount of weight during your pregnancy, as the skin on the breasts can stretch, which can result in sagging of the breasts.  In most cases, breastfeeding is still possible following breast augmentation surgery.

When can I drive after breast augmentation surgery?

Your cosmetic surgeon will normally recommend resuming driving 2 weeks following breast enlargement surgery, to allow sufficient recovery time and healing, also for insurance purposes.

How long after breast enlargements should I exercise?

You are advised to not to commence strenuous exercise for a minimum of 6 weeks following your breast augmentation operation, including lifting, bending, stooping, swimming or vacuuming.

At Liverpool Cosmetic Clinic, we offer confidential advice on breast implants and breast enlargement surgery in Liverpool, Manchester and Chester. Our highly experienced plastic surgeons will assess you at your initial consultation and may ask you to bring a non-wired, non-padded sports bra to your appointment.  This will enable you to try out different shapes and types of breast implants, to give an idea how you may look and the results following surgery.

Breast Enlargement surgery Manchester available £3900.00 for consultations during March 2019 with 0% finance available.

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