Mastopexy Uplift Breast Surgery FactsPublished on 12th November 2018

Mastopexy Uplift Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have scars following Mastopexy uplift breast surgery?

Following your Mastopexy uplift operation, you can expect minimally visible scarring which is permanent.  After your breast uplift surgery scars will appear red at first, however over approximately 12 months they should fade to a lighter pink colour over time.  During the Mastopexy procedure, your plastic surgeon will try to ensure that scarring is minimal, however your particular skin type, age and lifestyle following surgery will depend on the outcome.

Will becoming pregnant affect my Mastopexy uplift operation?

Pregnancy can affect your breasts following Mastopexy uplift surgery if you gain a lot of weight during pregnancy.  The skin on the breasts may stretch,  resulting in sagging of the breasts after pregnancy.  Most patients are still able to breastfeed following breast uplift surgery.

Does breast uplift surgery cause loss of sensitivity to the breasts?

There is always a risk of loss of sensitivity following Mastopexy uplift surgery, which can differ from one patient to another. There are normally temporary nerve changes to breast sensation which is to be expected, particularly around the nipple area, however this can sometimes be permanent.

When can I drive following breast uplift surgery?

Your cosmetic surgeon will normally recommend resuming driving a minimum of 2 weeks following your cosmetic uplift surgery, to allow sufficient time to rest and recover and for insurance purposes.

How long after Mastopexy surgery should I exercise?

You are normally advised to not to start strenuous exercise until at least 6 weeks following your breast uplift operation, which includes swimming, lifting, bending, stooping, or vacuuming.

How do I make an appointment to discuss breast uplift surgery?

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