Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) FAQPublished on 22nd October 2018

Nose Job Surgery Facts

Will I have scars after nose job surgery?

Most nose reshaping surgery incisions are made inside the nostrils, which hide any scars. If open Rhinoplasty is performed, your cosmetic surgeon may make the incision between your nostrils. You may also require small incisions at either side of your nostrils, which will leave fine scars.

How will I feel after Rhinoplasty nose job surgery?

After your operation you can expect swelling and bruising, particularly around the eyes for 2-4 weeks. Your nose may feel numb and stiff, which should ease after a couple of months. Your plastic surgeon may insert dressings in each nostril and a protective splint is normally fitted for approximately 1 week after your surgery. Most closed Rhinoplasty operations take roughly 2 weeks to settle down, however if your nose is broken during surgery, there is likely to be more bruising around the eyes for longer. Open surgeries typically takes around 4-6 weeks recovery time.

When can I drive following nose reshaping?

Your cosmetic surgeon will normally recommend resuming driving approximately 10 days after nose job surgery has been performed, to assist with recovery and for insurance purposes.

How long after nose job surgery should I exercise?

You are advised to not to commence strenuous exercise until approximately 6 weeks following your procedure.

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Our cosmetic and plastic surgeons are local in Liverpool, Chester and Ormskirk are members of the plastic surgery regulatory organisations such as BAAPS and BAPRAS, to ensure gold star quality for your peace of mind.

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