Wrinkle treatment and muscle relaxing injections – Liverpool Cosmetic ClinicPublished on 14th May 2013

Botox is in fact a brand name, along with Dysport and Azzalure, which are also popular in the market place and are prescription only medications.  Direct marketing of such prescriptive named medicines is banned in the UK, therefore most reputable practitioners will not advertise the names of such products.


Toxins such as the above can be used to treat several cosmetic aspects in addition to relaxing wrinkles,  such as lifting the neck, slimming the face and to treat excess sweating (hyperhidrosis).


As botulinum toxin is a prescription only medicine, it is a legal requirement to have a comprehensive consultation prior to any treatment.  Your medical practitioner will assess your suitability for treatment based on your medical history, including any current medications or pre existing health conditions.  This ensures that the procedure is undertaken with your safety as a priority.


Botulinum toxin, more commonly known as Botox can be used to treat the frown lines between your eyebrows (glabella), the forehead area and the smile lines around the eyes.  Botox can also be used to achieve a lift to the eyebrow and when treating the neck area, the toxin is injected into the platysmal muscles.  By administering Botox into the muscles of the jaw, a slimming effect of the face can be achieved.


Hyperhidrosis or sweating is treated by performing approximately 20-30 injections of Botox into each armpit, plus for sweating of the hands and feet, botulinum toxin can assist to suppress the sebaceous glands.


At Liverpool Cosmetic Clinic on Rodney Street in Merseyside, our practitioners are all fully qualified doctors who are UK based and who are registered with the General Medical Council.  Liverpool Cosmetic Clinic supports the request of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons for stricter controls on the industry.


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